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The Crystal Ball

November 19 2019
My crystal ball was not seeing that 4th quarter of last year, we all would hate plastic straws. From the articles that I read, the straws were the reason we had unrest in the Middle East, immigration issues on our borders and why Lebron and the Lakers didn’t make it to the NBA Playoffs. Without straws, we would have had world peace.

Earth Day 2019

April 20 2019

As SelfEco continues to grow, we are reminded the importance our two product lines have as they help combat the plastic pandemic disrupting oceans and landscapes around the world.

Manufacturing & Earth Day 2017

April 20 2017
You all know that SelfEco strives to be the most Earth-Friendly caterware & garden company on this planet. Our products are made from renewable plants, we hardly ever print in our offices, we grow our own indoor salsa garden, and heck, some of us drive electric vehicles to work. But being Earth-friendly isn't just about your immediate actions and what you post about on Instagram. Did you know that we strategically chose our manufacturer for Earth-friendly reasons as well?
2 Gingers Big Ginger SelfEco Pub 112

How to Choose the Right Cocktail Ice

May 06 2016
2 Gingers Big Ginger SelfEco Pub 112We have the inside scoop on the right shape of ice to use for your #BeverageDay cocktails. Before we get into the list, here is a super quick background on ice science.

Manufacturing: Educating Future Generations

May 05 2015

Last week our local high school's robotics team stopped by VistaTek, the Minnesota facility where all SelfEco products are made. Stillwater High School's Armada Robotics competed in a national competition last month with a robot they built during the first half of the school year.