4" Square Cocktail Plates with Utensil Hangers - 200 Count Case, PLA

Compostable PLA

$ 114.43

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200 plates come in a case. DOES NOT include mini utensils. Add Mini Utensils.

It's hip to be square! Our compostable 4" Square Plates are the coolest new alternatives to traditional paper or polystyrene plates. These plates are highly versatile, strong, and cut-resistant - and did we mention, square. Make a bold statement with these fun, stylish compostable plates. Perfect for indoor or outdoor events to serve food, appetizers, and desserts!

  • 2" 4 Inch Square Plates Dimensions
  • What exactly is it?

    SelfEco eco-friendly caterware is made from a biopolymer called PLA (polylactic acid). PLA is made from starchy renewable plants like corn, switch grass, and sugar beets grown right here in the U.S. Starch from these materials are processed into a biopolymer that looks, acts, and performs like its traditional, harmful cousin: petroleum-based plastics.

    Why do we use it?

    PLA performs much like traditional plastics, but with the crucial benefit of being 100% compostable in commercial compost facilities. We use PLA because it is versatile, compostable, and best of all, not petroleum-based. The use of PLA provides an improved environmental footprint:

    • Reduces greenhouse gases
    • Requires significantly less fossil fuels
    • Offers more post-consumer and commercial disposal options
  • Integrated patent-pending utensil hanger design helps utensils stay cleaner, eliminates lost utensils, makes cleanup easier, helps minimize germs, and complements your food display and presentation. Don't forget your hanging utensils! Shop Utensils >

    • Compostable: PLA biodegrades in industrial or commercial compost facilities. We are also BPI Compliant.
    • Non-Toxic: FDA food-contact approved, no harmful chemicals.
    • Cold Food & Liquid Safe: Our products are food safe. Recommended for use up to 105°F. Product is NOT dishwasher safe or microwave safe! Store in cool place and out of direct sunlight.
    • Renewable: Made from starchy renewable plants, as opposed to trees that take many years to regenerate.
    • Made in USA: Designed, sourced, manufactured, packaged, and assembled in the USA.

Note: Our plant-based clear material is transparent, but not 100% crystal-clear like petroleum-based products. We have worked with our manufacturer to give you the most clear products we possibly can. Filling this product with liquid will make it appear more transparent.