January 16 2017
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Ben Rummel
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17 Ways To Live Trash-Free & Adopt A Zero-Waste Lifestyle in 2017 (Kitchen & Food Edition)


Fran - November 19 2019

Aluminum is easier to recycle than plastic. So would it be more environmentally friendly to buy soda in individual serving cans, or in one large (plastic) bottle.

Jamie - November 19 2019

I tried to live a zero-waste life, but my family keeps buying packaged food and using plastic bags

naomi - November 19 2019

hello everyone thank you for these tips and for those who need a little extra help your local greengrocers are best to buy veg from and butchers for meat of course taking your own containers and also for those with pets you can bake and cook your pets meals and dry food lush online and in store does naked product like shampoo bar and conditioner bar and also refillable showergel and deodorant they are truly amazing its quite hard to make this changes i am just getting used to it myself but we can do it we need to save our planet its about time everyone opened their eyes also people try to use your cars minimally as possible well done to everyone whos trying to make make these changes lets make this world a better place for our next generation

Jonathan Miller - November 19 2019

Does anyone have any ideas for bathroom supplies such as shampoo, body wash , deodorants, and tooth paste ? Thanks !

Nicole - November 19 2019

How do I eliminate plastic? Ie. yogurt, ketchup, milk bags. I put them in the blue box but it’s still using plastic. I want to get to the point of zero garbage in my house. But I still don’t know what I don’t know. There’s probably something I’m still doing that leaves a footprint. Where can I find videos/guidelines of people who are doing it right.

Amber - November 19 2019

You can use bar soap for washing your hands, instead of the soap in plastic bottles.

Tanishka - July 11 2019

Very helpful feed thank you very much …… great help in school homework 😘😘

Nicole - July 11 2019

@jo perhaps you could make it more fun, give them a reason to want to participate. Buy something that sparks everyone’s attention, anything small like a gift card, video game, something of their interest than make it a game between everyone, who ever excels the best gets rewarded with the prize or make it a group reward, if everyone does their part you go to a movie, on a trip, some type of fun park! Hope this helps or inspires to spark another idea! 😊

Janet - July 11 2019

I was hoping for more on how/where to buy things that are not packaged in plastic. I recycle and compost already, and I bring cloth bags to the store. My husband insists on having paper towels in the kitchen but they are compostable. So 90% of my household waste is plastic wrapping. Ugh!

Sonali Geo - July 11 2019

I am very happy to learn that there are others out there, too, who are thinking of Reducing, ReUsing and ReCycling, which has always been my mantra and my way of life. I have been laughed at for carrying my own shopping bags to the Supermarket, even before Recycling was in fashion and the Ex looked down on me for not being “Cool” enough to use Plastic bags!
So proud to have stuck to my guns!

Kri - July 11 2019

I would love some support on locating waste free products such as toilet paper and pet foods.

Marie - April 20 2019

Just to answer jo’s cry for help. I have found that the best way to change people’s way of life is to lead by example instead of telling them what to do all the time and criticising. Implement the steps yourself and brag about how you are saving money by reusing and being careful how you buy things and how proud you are that you’re helping the environment. When they see all the benefits, they will change their ways.

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